Abundant physical and mental energy combined with a joyous, wholehearted approach to life.

Our Belief

At Vital Touch Wellness, we believe every body heals from within, and that every person has inside them the ability to feel centered and whole. We believe that vitality can be inhibited by layers of pain, stress, and emotional and physical trauma.

Our Mission

Through the power of touch, mindful movement and supportive connection in a safe and healing space, we nurture physical, emotional and spiritual transformation in each of our clients, creating a ripple effect that increases compassion and groundedness in the whole community.

Our Action

We approach our clients with respect, with care, and without judgment. We use our gifts of bodywork, teaching, and counseling to support our clients in trusting their bodies, connecting to their spirits, and healing the layers that inhibit their vitality.

Meet Our Team

It’s time to take care of you.

Vital Touch Wellness has helped transform lives in our community for almost 20 years. Unleash your vitality and book a bodywork session or yoga class with us today.