Tailored Massage w/Cupping

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Tailored Massage Therapy w/Cupping

As part of your tailored massage, your trained therapist will apply plastic cups on your skin using a pump to create suction.  The cups may be moved around or left in place for a few minutes.  This application greatly increases blood flow to the area which can promote healing and reduce pain.  Cupping also acts like “reverse” massage – instead of pushing tissues together, it gently separates them, creating a unique method for treating superficial scar tissue and deep muscular adhesions.  Cupping is widely used today to treat pain, musculoskeletal injuries, and inflammation.  We offer Cupping Therapy as part of a complete Tailored Massage session. Practiced by therapists Bryant McCoy, Keagan Norris, Galen Suhre, and McKenzie Worrell.

The most common side effects of cupping are bruising and skin irritation, both of which should heal within 7-10 days.

Sessions Offered

60-Minute Tailored Massage w/ Cupping
90-Minute Tailored Massage w/ Cupping


Single Sessions

30-Minute Sessions $60

60-Minute Sessions NEW Clients $79 – Regular Price $110

90-Minute Sessions NEW Clients $119 – Regular Price $150


60-Minute Vitality Package Two 60-Minute Sessions per month $187/m

90-Minute Vitality Package Two 90-Minute Sessions per month $267/m

Assisted Stretching Six-Pack – Six 30-Minute Sessions $327

Prenatal Six-Pack – Six 60-Minute Prenatal Massages $567

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