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Reflexology Treatments

NEW Reflexology Treatments

This deeply focused foot massage will send waves of bliss and healing through your whole body.

The treatment begins with your feet being wrapped in warm towels. While your sore feet soften and relax, you’ll receive a 15-minute head, neck and shoulder massage. Next, your feet are unwrapped and your therapist will spend the rest of the hour applying firm, systematic pressure to points all over your feet. As the overworked muscles, ligaments, and tendons of your feet start to release tension, you’ll feel an overall sense of positive energy and well being flood your entire body.

what is reflexologyWhat is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the process of applying pressure to specific reflex points on the feet. When these techniques are applied in a systematic manner, they can promote healing in other areas of the body via the nervous system. Reflexology improves mood, reduces stress, and can have a positive impact on all kinds of health concerns!

Benefits of Reflexology Include:

• Decreased anxiety and depression
• Enhanced sleep
• Overall pain reduction and reduced tension
• Improved post-operative outcome; less pain and faster healing
• Easier birthing and postpartum recovery
• Relief of nausea, pain, and anxiety during cancer treatment

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Preva DoyleMeet the Practitioner

Preva Doyle is a licensed massage therapist with an advanced certification in reflexology. Preva specializes in working with clients who want to reduce pain, tension, and anxiety. She is gifted in creating a peaceful and nurturing environment for her clients as she helps them tap into feelings of relaxation, joy and profound well being.

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