Tailored Assisted Stretching

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Tailored Assisted Stretching

Having a stretch session with a massage therapist means you get all the rewards of stretching your tight, shortened muscles, with the added enhancement of hands-on massage. A massage therapist is uniquely qualified to use hands-on techniques that soften tight muscles, release fascial adhesions, and warm up stiff tissue, making for a more comfortable and effective experience. Your massage therapist will assess your needs, create a treatment plan, and manually assist your body to stretch tight and shortened muscles that are causing discomfort and misalignment.

Our 30-Minute Stretch Session is done fully clothed on the massage table or on a mat on the floor.  You can have one session, or sign up for a pack of 6 sessions to get long term benefits. Our 90-Minute Stretch and Massage is the best of both worlds!  Reap all the rewards as you get a full one-hour massage followed by an individualized, clothed stretch session. After your massage, your muscles will be loose and warmed up and ready to be lengthened safely and comfortably. Practiced by Bryant McCoy, LMT.

30-Minute Stretch Session $55
6 Pack 30-Minute Stretch Sessions (save 10%) $297
90-Minute Tailored Massage w/ Stretching $150
New Clients $119

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