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Are You Ready for Vital Touch Yoga?

Are You Ready for Vital Touch Yoga?

Are you an experienced yogi? A curious beginner? Have you practiced in the past and feel eager to get back into a yoga routine?

Our brand new, beautiful yoga studio opens November 1. We’re super excited to be offering a diverse range of yoga classes perfect for all levels and bodies. So whether you are a complete yoga newbie, or a seasoned practitioner, we’re confident you’ll find classes that fit your style.

Many of you are just as excited as we are about our soon-to-be-open yoga studio! We’re hearing a lot of great questions: What kinds of classes will we offer? Who is teaching? When will classes be taught? Well, we have answers! See below.

Our yoga offerings are going to be a powerful expansion of our mission to nurture healing and transformation in each of our clients. A regular yoga practice can give rise to profound changes within our bodies, minds, and spirits.

How could practicing yoga impact you?

  • Feel calmer and more focused in your mind.
  • Lower blood pressure and decrease stress hormones.
  • Experience looser muscles and ease of motion in your joints.
  • Get stronger and improve your balance.
  • Uplift your mood and soothe anxiety and worry.
  • Experience less aches and pains in your body.
  • Improve your posture and protect your spine, bones, and joints. * 

What is the class schedule?

We’re offering a variety of classes to suit your schedule and your ability. View our schedule and register for a class here.  Class size is limited to allow for social distancing. New classes will be added regularly so check often! 

What classes are you offering?

There are many styles of yoga that vary in intensity and intention. Some styles are about challenging yourself, others are about letting go and finding ease. Some styles have students moving through many postures, others are slower paced. Some approaches put emphasis on our breathing. Others may focus on body awareness.

Our goal is to offer you a range of classes to choose from depending on your mood, ability, energy level, and what you want to get out of your practice. We think you’ll be excited about the styles our new teachers will be leading!

Synergy Yoga:

In this class, you’ll be led through a set of poses to strengthen, stretch, and align your body from head to toe. Your instructor will pay particular attention to your body’s alignment, offering gentle cues to adjust your posture. At moderate intensity, this class is suitable for beginners as well as experienced yogis. You’ll leave feeling centered, lighter, and more limber.

Vinyatha Yoga:

Designed to challenge your body and mind, this class combines “vinyasa” with “hatha” style yoga. You’ll warm up your body with a series of postures linked to your breathing so you move from one pose to another, seamlessly flowing with your breath. Key poses will be slowed down to focus on alignment, mindfulness, and building energy in the body. This class will offer moderate to challenging intensity and is suitable for all levels. You’ll leave feeling energized, stronger, and with a deeper connection between your body and mind.

Gentle Yoga:

Just like its name implies, this class has slower pacing and more easeful postures. Gentle yoga is all about listening to your body and not pushing yourself beyond your limits.
This class is great for the beginner yogi, but it’s not just for beginners! The easeful pace can be perfect for experienced yogis who need to slow down, or yogis who have physical limitations or injuries.

Restorative Yoga:

Practiced at a very slow pace, restorative yoga is about letting go of physical, mental, and emotional tension as you relax into stillness. You’ll pause in each pose for 3-5 minutes, completely supported by blankets and bolsters. As you practice deep breathing in these long holds, your muscles and fascia will slowly release while your mind comes to rest in a meditative state. This class is for all levels and is beneficial for people with chronic pain or people who need to tune out the busy-ness of life. After this class you’ll feel rested, looser, and at peace.

We’ll be adding more classes before the big opening, so be sure to check back in in a couple of weeks.

Who is teaching?

We have 4 phenomenal and experienced teachers who can’t wait to meet you! Stay tuned for their full bios.

What is the cost?

We have several yoga pricing options to inspire you to benefit from a regular practice.

Drop-In Rate                                                $25

2 Week Unlimited Introductory Pass    $45

10 Class Pass                                             $167

Unlimited Class Pass                               $127 / month

Shared Unlimited Pass for 2                   $227 / month

View our schedule and register for a class here. Class size is limited, so register early if you can.

What about COVID-19?

We are taking precautions very seriously.  All students and teachers are currently required to be masked in the studio.  Class sizes are limited for the time being to allow for social distancing. All props used by students are disinfected and/or laundered after each class, and all high-touch surfaces are disinfected as well. For concerns or questions, please call us at 484.341.8411.

See you on your mat!

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