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FREE Guided Relaxation Video Series

With our brand-new video service, we’re bringing the deep relaxation, rejuvenation and centering that your body craves right now to the comfort of your home. Our massage therapists, reiki practitioners and somatic movement therapists have created simple and effective practices that will help you release stress and tension and feel more alive in your body.

Our series includes videos on self-massage, breathing techniques, mindful movement, stretching and more.  Our mission is to encourage and inspire you to take time every day to consciously relax! Taking just a few minutes to breathe and tune in to yourself may increase your focus, calm your mind, alleviate muscle tension and stress, and give you an overall sense of well-being.

Like what you see? Comment and share! We’re releasing new episodes in our Guided Relaxation series regularly.

You can watch our videos and subscribe to our channel here.

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