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Monica – Phoenixville

“I’ve lost weight, I’m sleeping better, I have less energy shifts, and I feel better physically overall. I’m focusing more on me now.”

Laura – Chester Springs

“I feel better physically and mentally; better able to handle the stresses of life. My cooking frequency is way up and food choices are much improved. I am consistently and easily implementing wholesome foods. I have fewer cravings, and my self-criticism has softened. Jen is enthusiastic, open, warm and adaptive.”

Dan – Jeffersonville

“As a health counselor, Jen is very adaptive. She does a good job in customizing sessions and focusing on individual specific needs. She also has a cheery demeanor and great energy and enthusiasm.”

Bill – Downingtown

“My weight is down, and I feel better about my appearance. I’m making broader, healthier food choices even when I’m traveling. Jen addresses concerns, does research and provides options. She takes great interest in her clients.”

Debbie – Elverson

“I had been searching for someone to help me with my stomach problems. My stomach was always either bloated, felt very acidy, or if I ate, I still felt horrible. Now, my digestion is totally better – I have no bloating, no pain, no acid. Before, I felt like I HAD TO EAT because my stomach was uncomfortable. Now, I’m not feeling hungry every 2 hours. I also dropped 10 pounds without dieting. I do not diet – I eat the foods that nourish my body. I eat when I’m hungry. I feel wonderful and all because of food – now I realize what truly nourishes my body and my soul. Jen listens, encourages, researches, and guides. It is truly amazing!”

Jenn – Downingtown

“Jen is the best! Now I’m cooking more and making much better food choices. Jen also helped me learn techniques to lower my stress and not feel overwhelmed.”

Kirsten – Downingtown

“When I first began the sessions, I had specific goals in mind. As I progressed through our time together, I not only was able to achieve my goals, but also expand my awareness and create new inspirations! Jen’s nutritional guidance allowed me to experiment with foods that I may never have tried otherwise. Trying new foods, and most importantly, understanding what food can do, allowed me to achieve my weight goal comfortably. What I didn’t expect was how good I would feel as a result-both physically and emotionally. My thinking has improved tremendously. I feel sharper and I have positive thoughts. I also have less anxiety. I appreciate Jen’s thoughtful and balanced approach to understanding my individual needs. She started and guided me on a physical, emotional and spiritual journey which I enjoy traveling every day. I feel very much like a new person inside and out”

Chris – Chester Springs

“I stopped binge eating and stress eating. I am less cranky, my mood is on a more even keel, and I have less cravings. I am eating what I want and not always on a “diet.” I feel comfortable in my body and not so hard on myself. Now I’m able to see the direct correlation between the food I eat and my energy level and mood.”

Stacey – Downingtown

“My mental health and outlook having to do with food and how it relates to me and my life are much healthier. I don’t do as much negative self talk and I am not identifying myself by my weight as much. Jen puts a positive spin on things which is very refreshing. Sometimes it is difficult to look at ourselves but she made it easy and comfortable by holding me in a safe space.”

Mary – Downingtown

“Jen gives good feedback and great encouragement. My rosacea and adult acne have cleared, and the insomnia that I’ve had since menopause is resolved. My weight is very stable, and I have no food craving swings; I feel satiated yet not stuffed. I feel very grounded. My bloodwork is great! My HDL went up 16 points, my LDL decreased by 18 points, and my triglycerides decreased by 33 points. How great is that?”

Steve – Downingtown

“I have much more energy, I feel healthier, and I weigh less. I’m less frustrated about what to eat and how much to eat, and I have a more positive, “can-do” attitude about my health.”

Diane – Downingtown

Our holistic health coaches have been helping clients reach their health goals for over 7 years. Not just a diet or weight loss quick fix, our six-month health coaching programs can be downright life changing. See what our happy clients have to say!

“I now have a deep appreciation for who I am, what I’ve been through and the importance of embracing / comforting myself during good and stressful times. While I have always been aware of the phrase ‘mind-body,’ I had never really connected it to myself. I have embraced this connection in a way that will help me in all my years to come.

I’ve also made changes to the way that I cook and the foods I prepare that have become second nature. I’ve lost and kept off 15 pounds during this program. I’ve become very active with mediation and have found such great rewards in it. This too, is something that I can see myself doing forever, and is something I never would have tried if not for [health coaching].

Jen helped me to understand food, forgiveness and myself in a way I can’t repay. She has been a motivator; someone who I looked forward to seeing and sharing my triumphs as well as my speed bumps. Thank you!”